Digital Learners

Learn digital skills to enhance your everyday life

Digital technology is becoming more and more commonplace in our lives, from communicating with family and friends to controlling the lights and heating in our homes. Advances in technology can have a positive impact on our lives, but can be difficult to keep up with.

From sending emails and online banking, to carrying out tasks around your home or playing Scrabble with friends online, you can choose what skills you would like to learn to help make your everyday life simpler, easier and more fun. Learning new digital skills can also have a positive effect on your mental and physical health and general wellbeing and enable you to live independently for longer.

You will be helped by our Digital Buddies  – local people who are happy to share their own digital skills with others. As a learner, you will be paired with a buddy who can help you gain new digital skills at one of our regular events.

Experimenting with technology can be daunting, but Digital Boomers makes it fun to explore and play with technology in a safe and supportive way. There are many more benefits to becoming a Digital Learner:

Connecting with friends and loved ones

Knowing how to use digital technology can help you stay connected with people in your life, regardless of where they are in the world. Through digital technologies you could use video calling to not only hear, but see, your friends and loved ones.  Or, you can keep in instant contact with them through exchanging emails, mobile phone messaging or social media.

Carrying out regular tasks

Digital technology can help you carry out regular, everyday tasks such as food shopping, keeping track of appointments, controlling the temperature in your home, checking the weather and getting repeat prescriptions. You can even play games with friends and family, which many of our Digital Buddies tell us is a great way of keeping in touch with their loved ones.

Many of our Digital Learners report that they feel more connected to loved ones, safer at home and more confident in exploring technology as a result of getting involved in our informal and fun training events.

Meet new people and have fun

Our Digital Buddies are from a wide range of age groups and backgrounds across Essex. They all want to share their digital skills to improve people’s lives, but they also want to enjoy doing it too! By becoming a Digital Learner you will meet new people and make new friends. Some of the skills you could learn include:

  • Social media
  • Using smartphones, tablets or computers
  • Navigating the internet
  • Using WhatsApp, Skype etc
  • Using email
  • Online banking
  • Online shopping
  • Smart speakers
  • Playing online games
  • TV (e.g. Netflix etc)
  • In-home technology

Become a Digital Learner

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