About Us

Digital Boomers is a ground-breaking collaboration of health and care partners who support older people and adults with disabilities to use digital to live more independently

Using a theory of change methodology it:

  • enables people access to technology to help them live independently at home through developing their skills and confidence with, and led by peers
  • leverages the existing tech curiosity of older people to harness the power of tech they are already using (our insight provided myth-busting evidence of how much tech older people are already using!)
  • provides safe and friendly ways for people to explore and play with tech before deciding what’s right for them
  • inspires people to think about tech differently, increase independence and wellbeing – and moreover, have fun
  • supports health and care organisations to affect culture change and inspire digital activation

Benefits to public services

  • increases confidence in tech, allowing channel shift of citizens and greater independence
  • builds skills, confidence and capability in technology to prevent illness or decline in illness, reducing the need for care packages and pressures on health services
  • enables citizens and patients to understand what they can self-purchase to increase their health and wellbeing

We have a range of digital activation programmes for the NHS; Local authorities; commissioners; charities; health & care service providers and tech companies looking to tackle culture change.

Our range of support includes workshops, coaching and training for everyone from board members to frontline staff where we:

  • myth bust the digital agenda, making it human and tangible
  • interrogate what is digital activation is and how it can increase adoption of technologies to improve health, wellbeing and independence
  • develop communities of practices: connecting people and stimulating those communities to “do digital” together

Get in touch to explore how we can get digital activation happening in your organisation and communities

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