Living Smart in your own home

Experience how technology can help keep you safe and well at home

Living smart in your own home

Experience how technology can help keep you safe and well at home.

See first-hand how local people are using technology like smart speakers, sensors and other equipment to maintain their independence for longer in their own homes.

We’ve been piloting a scheme where we give local people a tech assessment, work with them to choose technology to suit their lifestyle and needs, then support them through installation and training. Our Smart Home Hosts then run “open-house” coffee mornings to demonstrate the technology in their own homes to local residents and health and care professionals. Doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, housing staff and community volunteers are just some of the professionals who have visited our Living Smart Homes.

Technology is selected for the hosts’ needs and can be as low or high-tech as they require. This evolves over time as they build their confidence in how technology can support them at home, to connect with friends and family and most importantly have fun.

Elizabeth has equipment by Alcove in her home in Epping Forest. She has room sensors, an Alexa and access to a concierge service which helps her shop online and to speak to her family who live far away.

Patricia from Dunmow uses an Acticheck wristband to keep her safe and well at home. Every morning she presses a button on her band to let her children know she is ok. The band then sends an email to her loved ones and she gets on with her day. There is also an SOS option which alerts people to get help should she become ill or have a fall. She’s also pretty nifty on her new Alexa Echo Show 5!

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